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Why ?
  1. Increase your productivity working directly on-shopfloor
  2. Detect and react rapidly to abnormal situations
  3. Extend the coverage of your SAP ERP footprint
  4. Increase user satisfaction with friendly UI
  5. Prepare the upcoming transformation to S/4HANA

Quick overview solution

Breakdown Notification
From your mobile device, scan to identify your location and equipment, take a picture of the breakdown to accelerate the diagnostic and create a notification in less than 30 seconds.
Order Management
You can now monitor all the notification ordered by breakdown, date and time of the malfunction before to convert them to a work order in one click, before adding additional component from the BOM or add additional comments with voice recognition.
Work Order Monitoring
Who never dreamt to be able to choose the layout of a work order monitoring from a list to a visual calendar, including prenventive and reactive maintenance ? More than a visual calendar, you are now able to rescheduling in mass few orders to a complete production line or even the whole plant.
Work Order Confirmation
I would like to monitor all the open work order not yet confirmed within a tree table structure representation and quickly confirm the time spent to fix a breakdown or preventive tasks. Let's do it with our work order confirmation application.
Inventory Management
Simplify and optimize your inventory management processes. Including good receipt, good issue and stock availability features.

Gain Industry

Improve shopfloor maintenance reactivity
Improve maintenance scheduling
Improve traçeability and maintenance tasks
Improve User Experience
Improve maintenance costs collection and analysis
Heavy equipment
Improve machines & equipments identification and localization
Improve traçeability and maintenance tasks
Digitalize your equipments and productive tool
Prepare predictive maintenance analytics
Component suppliers
Improve spare parts replenishment
Improve good receiving process
Improve spare Parts consumption
Improve stocks visualization
Bring mobility to
your maintenance teams

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