Stay ahead the planning curve implementing the next generation S&OP with Sprint2IBP
Discuss together
Strong user experience
100% Cloud solution
Fully integrated with your ERP system
Highly configurable
Sprint2IBP First qualified package by SAP
Dedicated experienced Team
  1. Align Sales, Finance and Supply
  2. React to sudden market change or unexpected events
  3. Respond to customer and demand evolutions
  4. Plan rapidly in a time of cost pressure
  5. Promote a collaborative and faster decision-making process

Quick overview solution

customer testimonial : Chassis brakes International
Integrated with MS Excel
IBP Excel add-in integrates the favorite UI for planners (MS Excel)
Fast with HANA DB
Relying on the calculation power of HANA DB, the entire supply network is recalculated in a couple of seconds
SAP IBP is a highly configurable solution where the planning model figures your business requirements (constrained planning, infinite capacity planning, pooled capacity, sales forecasting, demand sensing etc.)
Unified with your planning data in SAP ECC
Our set of CPI preconfigured interfaces and our unique MRP planning data extractor provides you with a near "real-time" planning information into your planning views, and helps you jump-starting your implementation.
SAP & SILVEO: Facilitating integrated production planning

Gain Industry

Integrate S&OP and MPS processes
Increase resource utilization
Improve planning steadiness & reliability
Increase planning team efficiency
Reduce planning cycle duration
Decrease inventory

Heavy equipment
Integrate S&OP and MPS processes
Increase resource utilization
Increase planning team efficiency
Decrease inventory
Align Finance, Demand & Supply

Component suppliers
Integrate S&OP and MPS processes
Increase planning visibility & steadiness
Improve supplier forecasts
Decrease inventory
The next generation S&OP is at your fingertips
Implementing SAP IBP with our Experienced team
Industrial customer, continuously facing the volatility and increasing complexity of your supply chain, one of your challenge is to decode rapidly the upcoming constraints, compare efficiently different scenarios and finally agree on an Integrated Business Plan having considered your constraints and strategic objectives.

The Inspiration Day is a unique opportunity to perform, with your leaders and specialists, a brief introduction of our Sprint2IBP offering and a real implementation feedback. Then moving into inspirational and interactive deep dive into your current business challenges to identify future high level goals and opportunities.


  • Introduction of our solution Sprint2IBP, qualified prepack to accelerate the implementation of your strategic plan, S&OP and MPS processes

  • Experience feedback of an implementation at Tier-1 automotive customer

  • Brief solution demo to grasp the solution capability

  • Understanding of your current situation and challenges

  • Definition of potential high level goals and opportunities


Time/Place: Anytime we will make yourself the available at your convenience
Price: Free of charge
Realize a solution prototype based on customer data
Evaluate solution based on customer proof points
Focus on users and processes



  • Define scope for the end-to-end solution prototype

  • Define required input data based on best practice process templates

  • Défine the to-be process and functional requirements and define 3 key requirements acting as Proof Points for the PoC (e.g. user collaboration or scenario planning)


  • Complete defined end-to-end PoC process in the system based on the Proof Points

  • Define Planning Hierarchies and Mockups in system

  • S&OP stakeholders will gain hands-on experience through planning processes carried out in the solution prototype


  • Solution evaluation based on Proof Points and achievable business improvements

  • Recommendations, solution deployment and next steps

We recommend an Agile Implementation Approach based on our Key Success Factors

1.Crawl, Walk, Run approach

The proposed approach of having pilot phases before rolling-out the solution, helps in reducing the impact to the business and delivering to the business an already proved and stable solution.

2.Agile Implementation Approach

Our experience is that the attempt to define and document all details ahead of time (waterfall approach) is take too long and does not deliver true value. An agile approach where you gradually improve the solution is giving you the best result, and keeping momentum within the business and implementation team.

3.Involvement of the business department:

it is essential that the business department gets familiar with the system as soon as possible for them to be able to influence the development of the solution and for them to stay involved. We strongly believe in aligning the IT and Business departments.

4.Empowerment of the business team:

We propose to provide an initial training to the Business and IT users to allow them to familiarize with the tool and to empower them for the future project phases.

They trust us