Heading towards demand-driven assembly with Sprint2eKB
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Cutting-edge User interface
On premise our Cloud solution
Fully interfaced with your ERP system
Easily integration with your MES
Multi-device & responsive
Highly intuitive
Why ?
  1. Focus on what matters both now and in the near-term
  2. Respond to customer and demand evolutions
  3. Maximize inventory efficiency
  4. Eliminate waste and avoid over-production
  5. Promote a better and faster decision-making

Quick overview solution

Paperless & fast
1000+ eKANBAN are created, sorted and dispatched without effort. Repetitive tasks are now eliminated.
Assembly is now integrated with all surrounding functions. Process is now flexible. Planning and Execution are now reconciled.
eKANBAN generation can be triggered by various inputs: delivery, forecast, planned order etc, making the solution flexible to various scenarios.
Monitored & leveled
Process can be now fully monitored. Assembly is leveled based on daily capacity agreed during MPS.

Gain Industry

Move towards Assembly-to-order
Increase resource utilisation
Reduce prevent downtimes & micro-stoppages
Increase demand fulfillement rate
Reduce change-over
Reduce lead-time to delivery
Decrease inventory
Support electronic KANBAN standards implementation
Better process orchestration
Batch building management
Reduce downtimes 2 micro-stoppages
Reduce change-over
Decrease inventory
We know now what is about to be produced
and when it will be available in the next minutes and hours.

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